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Hunting with Airguns

The advancement of technology has inspired a lot of change in the way hunting is done in North America.
For a long time, hunting regulations in North America have been very strict.
However, more and more changes are being adopted as technology advances. A perfect example is the archery-only deer hunting season; the availability of compounds made it possible for archers from different parts of North America to test their high-tech bows in hunting.
The extended seasons have also made it possible for hunters using muzzleloaders to test their different skills.
Advancement of crossbow technology has also created a lot of opportunities for horizontal bows in different states in North America. Airguns are also causing a lot of debates, such as where the best place to keep them is. For more information on that, please check http://www.extremesafes.com/gun-cabinets/.

Different states have created hunting areas and established new seasons that are specifically meant for air gunners.
Some states have also included airguns in some of the already existing hunting seasons.
There are several things that have fuelled the airgun trend in North America. First and foremost, there are a good number of hunters who are looking for different hunting challenges; airguns provide a perfect opportunity for learning new skills and perfecting their skills.
Airguns have also become popular because they are a great alternative in hunting situations where firearms cannot be used.
Air guns have several advantages over firearms; they have limited range, they are very quiet, lethal and also very accurate. This makes it possible to use them where firearms cannot be used.

When we say airguns, we do not mean pellet guns and low-powered BB. Airguns are very different. They have higher precision and they do a better job than most hunting tools.
Even the most experienced hunter would be surprised at the accuracy of these air arms. Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifles are normally used for hunting large and small game animals and spring-piston rifles are used for pest control and sometimes for small game.
Therefore, the choice of airgun will depend on what you are trying to hunt.
The biggest airguns are very powerful.
They have enough power to hunt down most species. However, they are most effective for hunting deer, hogs, turkeys, small game and sometimes even the larger game.
Therefore, hunting with airguns is a great advantage for a beginner as well as very experienced hunters.

However, numerous states have started reconsidering the issue. The availability of airguns with 300- 700 foot-pounds of energy has inspired a lot of hunters who want to pursue larger game to try them out.
This is one of the main reasons different states have seen the need to revise some of their laws.

The regulatory environment is different from one state to another. There are states that have fully accepted and included airguns in their hunting seasons but there are still some that are against the issue and have kept them illegal in their state.
For this reason, it is very important for a hunter to do research concerning laws on airguns in the state they wish to hunt.
It is also important to understand that sometimes the laws might be different in different regions of the state depending on factors such as; species being hunted, dates and the region.
This will not only help keep them on the right side of the law, but it will also enable hunters to know all the areas they are allowed to use airguns and which ones you are not which makes planning easy and less time-consuming.

Here are some of the different state regulations that will give you an idea of the current trends.

Initially, Virginia only allowed airguns to be used for hunting small game. However, in recent years, the laws have been revised to include all game.
It is currently the only state where you can move from hunting a turkey to hunting bears without getting into any trouble with the law.
Even so, there are a number of grass root organizations trying to lobby for a change in regulations so as to allow airguns to be used for hunting big game, small game and predators.
With such changes underway, more hunting seasons are expected to be established in Virginia.

Three years ago, Arizona's state department amended their laws allowing the use of air-powered rifles for hunting of small game, large game and predators.
It is currently the only state where you can use airguns on pronghorn antelope, Coues deer, and javelinas.
There is no restriction on the airguns used to take down small game. However, if you intend to hunt large game, the state only allows PCP-powered with 35 caliber and above.
Texas currently provides the best opportunities for air gunning.

California was among the first states to allow airguns to be used for hunting small game in the rifles seasons.
In California, you can use airguns on mammals and birds including wild turkeys. Most air gunners pursuing turkeys prefer California because it has a three-bag bird limit and a large population of turkeys.

However, it is still challenging to use airguns on the larger game in California because it is still illegal in most regions.

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